Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Taiwan, was founded in 1958.  It is one of the Formosa Plastics Group’s major manufacturing companies.  Nan Ya Plastics Corporation is the world’s largest secondary plastics processor.  After years of continuing expansion and development, the firm’s major products now stretch across the four major industries of plastics, fibers, electronics materials and petrochemical raw materials.

From a fiber point of view, Nan Ya Plastics is one of the world’s largest polyester producers.  Major products include polyester staple fiber, polyester chips, polyester PET, polyester FDY, polyester POY, polyester DTY, polyester dyed DTY and thin polyester film.

Nan Ya has also advanced R&D into high added-value products such as different shrinkage filament yarn and microfiber textured yarn.  It operates in the US through subsidiary Nan Ya Plastics USA.

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